The purpose of the Women's Ministry of Burkemont Baptist Church is to encourage women to become enthusiastic followers of Jesus Christ, as we each become the woman that God created us to be.  Our goal is that each woman intimately know the heavenly Father, lovingly relate to one another, and advance the gospel in family and community.  We accomplish these goals through equipping and outreach events such as Bible studies, creative fellowship meetings, annual retreats, and special events.  For more information regarding our Women's Ministry please contact the church office at 828-437-2357.

Women's Bible Study
Morning Glory and Evening Grace Bible Study

Morning Glory & Evening Grace are ongoing Ladies Bible Studies. Morning Glory will meet on Tuesday mornings from 10-11:30a and Evening Grace will meet on Monday evenings from 6-7:30p.  Although our Bible studies will change as we complete a particular study you can always watch here to keep updated about our studies.

Other Women's Ministry Opportunities:

  • Moms In Touch has a group meeting each week to pray for our children.  Monday's at 4:00pm.  For more information regarding the Mom's in Touch organization, please visit:
  • Sweet Monday, Household fellowships held on the 3rd Monday night of each month!  For more information or directions, please call the church office @ 828-437-2357

Our Men's Ministry consists of the following:

The Prison Ministry meets every Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Thursday evening.  This ministry is composed of members from the church using their own time to teach the Word of God at the local prisons.  In late November, the Prison Ministry participates in the "Prison Fellowship Angel Tree" in conjunction with our church Angel Tree program.  The Prison Fellowship Angel Tree allows incarcerated women and men to send gifts to their children.

The Disaster Relief Group is a group of volunteers who are specially trained to help clean up and rebuild following a disaster.  We are striving to train several more individuals for Disaster Relief and have teams ready to activate when needed.

Senior Adults

Senior Adults are an important part of our congregation and ministry here at Burkemont.  Not only do we provide a Sunday School Department for our Senior Adults and our Homebound Seniors who cannot come to church, but we also meet for fellowship, attend special events, and go on lots of fun trips and outings! 

Our seniors meet the 3rd Thursday of each month. 

This exciting group is called our"Young at Heart" group.

Young at Heart, meets the third Thursday of each month for fellowship and a meal.  Monthly entertainment or topics of interest are provided.  The meal may be a cookout, covered dish, or catered - but always GOOD!  If you are 55 or older, come join us. 

We do have a lot of fun!


Mission Statement:
It is our purpose to proclaim God-inspired truth through the medium of the dramatic arts; declaring, illustrating, and clarifying biblical truth, giving all the glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.
It is our desire to witness to the lost and to be sensitive to those unchurched.  It is also our desire to present various types of drama, from monologues to 3-Act plays, from dinner theatre to passion plays.

The Drama Team of Burkemont Baptist Church Guidelines:

  • Ministry is our first reason for existence; therefore, members are expected to accept their responsibilities and opportunities in the spirit of Christ.
  • Because we have accountability to the Minister of Music and Worship, scripts for performance and group plans will be cleared with him.
  • Because we are accountable to the church as well, and because ours is a ministry organization, we feel that the individual lifestyles of our participants need to reflect the Lord we are proclaiming.
  • Each participant is expected to be committed to the particular drama they are involved with, respecting each others time, schedules, and personal and church property.
  • Lastly, drama ministry in the church demands the same level of integrity and holiness that should characterize every other dimension of God’s kingdom.  Integrity is that seamless tapestry that must run throughout all that the church is and does; in all its various ministries and expressions.

For more information please contact the church office.


The bus ministry has been called the greatest evangelistic tool in the history of the local church.  Millions upon millions of people have come to church, heard the Gospel preached and had their lives forever changed.  At Burkemont Baptist Church, we have seen the powerful, life-changing impact of bus ministry on countless boys, girls, teens and adults.  Some of these have gone on to become wonderful leaders in our church.  If you would like to be a part of the Bus Ministry here at Burkemont; please contact Pastor Eddy Bunton.